From Diagnosis to Disney World

There is nothing quite like hearing, “We need to do a biopsy.” These were the words the doctor said that sent fear racing through my veins on April 3. Yet, at the same time I knew complete peace. God was in control of this and He was going to handle it. A regularly scheduled mammogram caught it. The biopsy confirmed that it was indeed the dreaded cancer. Within two weeks I had gone from thinking I was completely healthy to wondering if the ticking time bomb had spread or been contained. When the surgeon told me to go on with my Spring Break plans for Disney World I was shocked. Hayden and the doctor shared the same thought. It was as if I was a super bowl winner. “I have cancer now I’m going to Disney World!” I hope you are laughing at the thought. We did.
I cried for the first time over the diagnosis on April 16 as I drove into Charlotte for a CT scan and bone scan. As I headed south on Rocky River Road I looked up and saw the biggest full moon I had ever seen. This was especially unusual as the sun had risen hours before. I looked up and told God “That is one big moon.” At that moment God spoke back to my spirit, “I am a very big God.” I then had the thought that he was big enough to handle my cancer and all the “cancers” of the world. You see, God can handle whatever trial you find yourself dealing with. Whether the issue is a disease, financial, marital, friendship issue or whatever else you may face, God is able to take care of it.

Back to the story, the technician for the bone scan was joyful and excited about an upcoming job transfer from part-time to full-time. He eased my tension with jokes and laughter. Laughter is good for the bones. If you know a cancer patient help them laugh, please no stories of other people’s lost battles. A faith and a positive attitude are vital to the healing of cancer plus it just makes me feel better.

On to a wonderful week at Disney World with my family, sister, brother and his family. We had a blast! My sister, Elizabeth rode her first and only roller coaster. Expedition Everest might not have been the one to start with but, it set the theme for the week as the kids kept begging Aunt Elizabeth to ride just one more.  They did convince her to ride the classics, Peter Pan and It’s a Small World along with a few others. There were princesses and pirates galore and six of them belonged to the Hitch-Carter group. Spring Break ended for us with Coleman, Grace and Rachel spending the night with the Carter grandparents and Hayden and I heading to the oncologist. The scans came back negative. Praise the Lord, the cancer was contained.

Chemo will begin today, Tuesday, April 29. Six sessions. One treatment every three weeks. Hair loss, nausea, and a ton of other possible side effects but, healing is in the future. Whatever God wants to use to bring it will be fine. He fights this battle for me. I get to go through it with the best family, friends, and medical teams a person could ask for and The Very Big God goes before me and hems me in! Keep your prayers coming. If you don’t know God personally and want to know more about him I would love to talk to you. Knowing him better and wanting to share more of him with others are two of the benefits of cancer. For those who know Him, keep being Abundantly His!

About Emily Carter at Abundantly His

Emily Carter is a Christian speaker and writer who loves telling people about Jesus and how He can change your life and make it full and exciting. Emily's goal is to love and worship the Lord, her God with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength. She seeks to do this through loving people and serving them.
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