Contact Emily

If you are interested in having Emily speak to your group please:

email her at or call 704-408-5851.

6 Responses to Contact Emily

  1. Wendy says:

    Emily I love reading your post.
    May you be blessed this new year.
    I am going to purchase the devotional you mentioned also. 😊
    Wendy Billips

  2. MARSHA CARTER says:

    Honey You are in my prayers all the time you and Hayden and the children We will always love you and feel so honored to have you as our daughter in law/ We have the 3 best daughters any one could have. Love Jimmy and Marsha

  3. Carol Norton Carter says:

    Emily, Beautiful picture of all of you!! You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. We are due a phone call soon! Love, Carol

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